Practical Chess - Course Overview

An experienced chess player is usually strong even if he has not studied much. Why? Because chess practice makes him better. His mistakes were usually punished by his opponents. He learned the hard way, but eventually he got better.

Playing a lot also creates habits of thinking or playing techniques which are not always good and which can be very hard to correct (if it can be done at all).

Our Grandmaster Package (details) teaches GOOD chess the easy way. With this professional course, you quickly and easily understand things that you could hardly learn by experience only. You learn chess strategy at a high-level, you learn chess the right way.

However, chess practice may be still missing. Learning from one's own mistakes, the long tough games, and post-game analysis is beautiful and teaches you a great deal. What is more, after practice, you always come back to theory with more pleasure.

The ICS Practical Chess Course brings chess practice to you! At ICS, we developed a unique method to make this possible. Learn more from the next page, "Part I: Annotated Games"

The Course Structure

Besides the annotated games, this package includes video courses - and everything is structured so as to be highly enjoyable.
Every month, you get 12 annotated games AND 12 video lectures.


Part I: Annotated Games