Chess Strategy

Chess means strategy. When you play a chess game, you make plans, you want your pieces to be active, your pawn structure without weaknesses, you want to weaken your opponent's defense and so on... all these is chess strategy.

If you want to improve your chess at master level, it is the chess strategy you need to know better than your opponents. Moreover, what chess strategy you use makes the difference. Every chess player uses a different strategy, but only one player wins the game, so you should know the best strategy in every particular situation! Follow our professional chess courses and teach your opponents a lesson!

Chess Strategy or Tactics

Yes, you can think of chess as being divided between strategy and tactics. The truth is that chess is a game of strategy. Tactics make the difference of how easily you succeed to put in practice your ideas (your strategy). Everything you do on the chess board is strategy. Tactics are subordinated.

The GRANDMASTER PACKAGE will teach in details the complete theory of chess strategy for high levels in chess. You will get a complete set of high-quality lessons on chess strategy, concrete and complete theory and explanations. The courses follow a professional program of study and training.

This course comes with a lot of strategic tests and unique exercises on strategy aimed at improving your positional understanding and practical play.

Chess Strategy Samples

Download for free samples of our lessons on chess strategy:

Practical Chess Strategy

In the Practical Chess course, you will learn to apply your knowledge of chess strategy in practice. In 144 annotated chess games we put the accent on practical chess strategy. Here we analyze the typical strategic, positional mistakes during the chess games from the opening until late in the endgame. As the course is structured on more levels during one year, you will learn gradually - from simple strategies to the most subtle strategic maneuvers.

In the course "Chess Essentials", you will also learn the strategy of Attack & Defense and the strategy of complex endgames.