Our Method - How you Train

The method of study and training is of first importance. With Grandmaster Package you will follow the same methods as Andrei Istratescu and other top Grandmasters.

The Method, In Summary:

1. Study every thematic of chess strategy and positional chess, in great detail. In our course, all the subjects are studied thoroughly, for high performance. You will learn everything a chess master should know.

2. Very rigorous and organized studying is a must for serious progress. A piecemeal approach, reading a book, then watching a video, then watching another with no connection to the first and not following a study plan is the No. 1 mistake of learning. With our course, you will follow a professional, organized study plan for one year.

3. Real study over the board. We cannot stress enough how important is to use the real board, moving the pieces with your own hand. Nowadays, more and more video lectures appear as they are easy for teachers to make but they impede your progress. Our lessons can be studied over the board and you can...

4. Learn Actively: ask yourself questions constantly. Stop at almost every move to understand it, analyze it and even look for better moves. Always ask "What’s the best plan?", "What should I play first?", "What is the consequence of the move I’m considering?", and so on.

5. Solving of positional exercises and strategy quizzes. In our course, there are a lot of exercises and tests with very well explained solutions. Not only do we show you the best moves, but also HOW to find the best moves.

6. "Grandmaster thinking". In our course you will be trained to use logical thinking, create plans, stop opponent's plans, re-arrange your pieces, provoke weaknesses, prepare an attack, prophylaxis, etc...etc... You will learn to play fine strategy chess, and see what big difference there is...

7. Teacher support - when you subscribe to the Grandmaster Package, you have our free support! If you do not understand something, just send us an email and we will promptly clarify anything. It is like having the author of a series of books near you. Furthermore, if you have general questions on how to train, what openings to choose, what endgame books to study, and so on, we will be glad to help you.

Grandmaster Package is designed for 5-7 hours of study per week. However, you can also study at your own pace. If you need more time, you can interrupt at any stage and resume from where you left off.

"Thank you for such a great service, I have taken lessons from a GM before and this is much more affordable and just as good. My rating is 2151 now and I can't thank you enough for the great information you have to offer." - Cody W.


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