Professional Chess Training for One Year

Everyone wants to improve at chess but very few become chess masters. In fact, many chess enthusiasts never reach a 2200 ELO rating. The big difference between success and failure lies in WHAT YOU STUDY and HOW YOU TRAIN.

Andrei Istratescu, head of International Chess School, studied with the best chess teachers in the world. He completed the highest quality training programs, studied chess the right way, and used the best materials.
As a result, he became an International Master at 16; at 18, National Chess Champion and Grandmaster. Now, not only is he one of the strongest players in the World – a TOP Grandmaster with over 2700 best ELO FIDE – but also a professional chess teacher. He trains other Grandmasters, as well France’s national chess team – one of the best in the world.

How Good Can I Become?

The Grandmaster Package brings the same-high quality chess training to you. You’ll train like a Grandmaster in a professional way, so you will reach your peak potential! The unique lessons and methods of the Grandmaster Package make the difference. Over the last 12 years, many students who’ve completed our course have become masters, FIDE masters, and national champions, as well as have won against International Masters.

"I played in my first international tournament and [obtained] FIDE performance of 2288, and local performance of 2344 (FIDE Master). I have used almost exclusively your materials." - Matt Hassen, USA

Grandmaster Package Overview

GM Package contains everything you have to study for the master level in one place. You'll follow a structured plan of improvement of one year and your chess will improve month by month, every month, for one year. At the end of the course, you’ll have mastered chess strategy, positional evaluation, calculation, tactics, planning, various techniques of play, art of analysis, and much more.

"As more and more pieces of the puzzle start to fall in place, I’m playing with a lot more confidence, I have won almost all of my latest games and will be gaining at this moment already approx. 130 ELO-rating points in 3 months." - Bart C.

Any questions that may arise during your study will be answered by our professional chess teacher team. We'll make sure that you thoroughly understand the lessons and that you'll be able to put into practice what you learn.

After you subscribe, you can also get extra materials from our chess school such as a Complete Opening Repertoire, Strategy Puzzles, and other courses, at bargain prices. You can also have your games analyzed by a professional teacher.