Your Chess Game Analysis

Subscriptions open: February 20-22, 2018
Levels accepted: under 1700 rating ELO / USCF

You can send up to 10 games played by you and have your chess thoroughly analyzed by our teachers.
You will get a 10-page report showing the important moments in your games, telling the weaknesses and strengths in your play and how to improve further. You will get recommendations on exactly what and how to study (including books recommendations).

This game analysis shall be your support for a perfect chess study for one year or more. Buying this service entitles you to have access to the same service after one year. We will be able to see how you improved, analyze your game again and make a fresh report and study plan for the next step. [Players of all levels will be accepted for the second evaluation!]

For your maximum benefit, please comment your games - what you thought during the game, especially "TO DO Lists" in the key moments of the game, so we can have more information about your way of thinking. Of course, please do not analyze your games with chess engines.

This is a limited offer, available only during February 20-22 for players under 1700 rating. The games should be sent in a PGN file. For any question and support, please send an email to admin.

Game Analysis $200 US