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All Systems in Chess

What does "a Chess System" mean? A system in chess is characterized by a certain pawn structure with resulting plans of play. There are many MAJOR systems in chess, every one of them resulting from a different opening system.

For example, when you think of the Grunfeld Defense, you see the black bishop on g7 and you have in mind certain structures and plans. When you think of the Sicilian Najdorf, you see the pawn structure d6-e5 and you have in mind other plans, other ideas.

Almost every opening generates some typical pawn structures, so different plans of play arise. Over time, great plans of play have been developed for every system. In fact, all great plans and ideas were developed in the context of specific systems. These ideas can be adapted and used in many other situations on the chess board.

In this advanced chess course we teach great ideas and plans as used by the World Chess Champions in ALL the major systems in chess! As you can tell, this means that you will learn quite a lot, your knowledge will be extremely vast and your chess understanding will really get to a high level. At the end of the course, your chess knowledge should be at least equal to a chess master.

The classification of Opening Systems by Module:

Module 1: Nimzovich Defense
Module 2: Queen's and Bogo Indian Defense
Module 3: Sicilian Defense - Najdorf
Module 4: Queen's Gambit Declined
Module 5: Spanish Opening (Ruy Lopez)
Module 6: Gruenfeld Defense
Module 7: French Defense
Module 8: King's Indian Defense
Module 9: Caro Kann Defense
Module 10: Slav Defense
Module 11: 1.e4 e5 openings, other than Spanish
Module 12: English Opening

You will discover what is behind the openings, that is, the ideas behind the moves. You will learn great plans of play. As we present the major plans in all the major openings, you will learn to play almost any position on the chess board.

As our games are analyzed through to the endgame, you will learn not only the ideas of the opening but also how to play the resulting middlegames and even typical endgames arising from the middlegames.

You may also discover an opening you like that you will want to try afterwards. If you want to try new openings in chess, you should recognize this as a good sign you are improving!

Professional approach to chess openings

You will learn that your choice of opening should be subordinate to your style of play and pawn structures you prefer. You will learn to adapt openings to suit your style and not simply memorize them. You will learn to use the opening to get the middlegame you want to play and conduct the game in your own style.

100 Video Lectures INCLUDED

You will get eight video lectures for each of the 12 modules, 96 videos in all. The videos are approximately 40 minutes each. This means more than 60 hours of video lessons. In these videos we present and analyze MODERN games played by the ELITE grandmasters of today.

These videos offer enjoyable chess instruction for the major opening systems. You will be aware of the main and critical lines played in present times, you will learn modern ways to approach the opening including some of the newest and most interesting plans.

However, we discuss not only the opening systems but also the typical pawn structures that arise and even typical endgames for the opening. You will learn different piece setups for different pawn structures. So, with these video lectures you will learn not only the opening but also strategy and how to play better chess in general.


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