Systems of Champions


"Systems of Champions" - Course Overview

Any real plan of improvement for strong players should include:

  • a serious study of analyzed games,
  • analysis of World Chess Champions’ games,
  • learning more plans and ideas,
  • the study of different opening systems,
  • diversified and challenging positional exercises.

In this 12-module chess course we address all these important aspects. You will learn hundreds of plans and ideas in chess, gaining the chess knowledge that is essential for play at a high level.


In 12 modules we present 144 annotated games. For every module you receive 12 games all featuring a new system in chess. The games are all played by World Chess Champions and are comprehensively analyzed and explained from the opening through the endgame.

1) First, you study very instructive games of ALL the World Chess Champions from Wilhelm Steinitz to Viswanathan Anand. You will study games and ideas of play of the great J. R. Capablanca, A. Alekhine, M. Botvinnik, M. Tal, T. Petrosian, R. Fischer, A. Karpov, and G. Kasparov.

2) Second, you learn the best ideas and plans from the major systems in chess as we cover ALL the major opening systems in chess. You study the openings from the point of view of piece development, pawn structures, plans, ideas, and middlegame play. This offers you an enormous amount of knowledge that you can use in many situations, no matter what openings you play.

All 144 games are chosen to be highly instructive from the opening to the endgame. Every game is comprehensively analyzed in 8-10 pages at all the key moments, often move by move. Most of the analyses constitute chess lessons in their own right and explain strategy in all stages of the game: opening, middlegame and endgame.

Positional exercises

Every game has several diagrams at the key moments in the game. These are well chosen moments where you should try to solve the position by yourself. Evaluate the positional factors, discover the plans of both sides, and think about what you would play. All these diagrams are excellent positional exercises!

100 Videos on Modern Play

In addition, nearly 100 video lectures will present you with the most interesting ideas and plans tried by TODAY’s top grandmasters.