International Chess School

When you use the International Chess School's Grandmaster Package, you are assured of high-quality chess lessons and a responsible training program. We have been online for more than 10 years and continue to be the #1 web site for professional chess training! With over 500 unique chess lessons and hundreds of video lectures, our chess school is the biggest resource of online chess training materials.

A truly International chess school

You can take our chess courses from anywhere in the world. Thousands of students in over 50 countries study chess online with us, from the United States to Tanzania, Russia to Aruba, Norway to South Africa.

School of Chess Strategy

We are the only chess school that offers a complete and comprehensive course on chess strategy. You will not only learn chess strategy at the master level, but you will learn to think like a very strong player and put it all together in actual play. This chess course includes unique positional chess training on strategy.

World Class Chess Teachers

Experienced chess teachers, including one of the strongest players in the world, the TOP Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu, over 2700 best FIDE ELO, teach you the classical chess school methods of study and training that are the best foundation for any serious progress in chess.

Chess Courses

Our Grandmaster Package is the core of our chess school. You will follow a professional program of study and training. You will study a complete chess course on strategy, a course on tactics, calculation, visualization, openings, art of analysis, advanced chess techniques and that is not all. You will learn chess the right way - and what you learn makes all the difference!

That's not all! We provide other chess courses which are available only to our members (students of the Grandmaster Package). These special chess courses come with hundreds of annotated chess games and hundreds of high-quality video lectures.

High-Quality Chess Lessons

We take pride in our lessons. What and how you learn make the difference between success and failure. Our chess lessons are efficient, bringing maximum knowledge to the student in minimum time.

Check out several samples of our chess lessons. There are lessons on chess openings, middlegames, chess strategy and tactics, and endgames. A lot of positional chess tests will help you test your knowledge and progress.

Video chess lessons

All our courses include highly instructive and easy to follow video chess instruction and video chess lectures. At the International Chess School, we have over 130 hours of video lessons and still counting! What is more, at our chess school, you improve your chess with every lesson or video. You will not waste your time or money!

Reviews of International Chess School

The students of our chess school make real progress in chess. Please read some reviews here. Or read this International Chess School review on another web site.